Friday, May 3, 2013

To Attain Self-Mastery

Self-mastery is a challenge for every individual. It cannot be bought by money or fame. It is the ultimate test of our character. It requires climbing out of the deep valleys of our lives and scaling our own Mount Everest. Sometimes we have fears about our weaknesses without realizing it.

To be a master is to be free from one's own weaknesses.

We are usually under the control of our own weaknesses in a negative situation. We first respond to the situation with our weakness and then try hard to change our thoughts. But we don't find ourselves succeeding and the weakness gets the better of us.

BUT here is the solution: We need to develop the consciousness that we are a master and the weakness is only within us, our creation, and so it is totally in our control. When we develop this consciousness we will be able to win over our weaknesses easily.

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